September 24th Maris Stella Celebration
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September 24th Maris Stella Celebration

Maris Stella Advisory Board hosted a celebration on September 24th, 2017 honoring three Sisters of Charity who have volunteered their summers to Maris Stella for over 50 years. Sisters Theo Furniss, John Mary Tierney and Agnes Lucy Robinson have given a total of over 100 years of volunteer service to Maris Stella. Sister Mary Morley Administrator of Maris Stella welcome 160 Sisters, Seton Associates, family and friends to the event held at Mother Seton High School in Clark, NJ. Sister Rosemary Moynihan, General Superior of the Sisters of Charity, led all in praying a special blessing for the three Sisters. Thank you to all who donated to Maris Stella for the bench in their honor and replacement of trees on Maris Stella property. Each Sister was honored and presented with flowers, a small token gift and a photo of their bench at Maris Stella.

Celebration Photos

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