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Come to the Quiet

Maris Stella Retreat Center
Updated 2021 Summer Mass & Chapel Guidelines
Diocese of Trenton

Sharing a thank you note from one of our recent guests at Maris Stella!

Come to Maris Stella, a retreat and oasis in your walk with your God.

Located on 11 acres of pristine land on Long Beach Island, one side overlooking the Bay to contemplate the beauty and vastness of the love of God, the other side with land on our private beach overlooking the ocean to contemplate the limitless ebbs and flows of our lives.

Come, see, refresh your souls, breath in the sea infused air, come to this sanctuary to soothe your cares away. The Sisters of Charity have land so desired by others and unattainable no matter the wealth or status.  A diamond of the ocean for your enjoyment and peace. Come.

A grateful sojourner…

seascapeCurrent Conference Center Covid 19 Protocols:

We encourage all our Guests to be completely vaccinated.

  • Anyone not vaccinated must wear a Facemask throughout the property while inside. Bring your own, we will not supply them.
  • Practice social distancing of 6 feet.
  • Submit a recent negative Covid Test if necessary.

January 2022 Maris Stella Calendar Sweepstakes has begun. 
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Mission Statement
Maris Stella, a ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth is a center that provides a ministry of hospitality, offering space and nourishment to individuals and groups seeking physical, psychological and spiritual enrichment.

Located on the Atlantic Ocean and Barnegat Bay, it is a rich resource for study and reflection on the sacredness of creation.



Daily mass 9 a.m. – Monday – Friday

Saturday:  5 p.m. (NO MORNING MASS)
Sunday:    9 & 10 a.m.