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September 2020
Dear Friends of Maris Stella,

It’s September and the summer of 2020 is winding down! It has certainly been a different summer! All of us have been hit hard with challenges, difficulties and sadness but in the midst of all of it we are filled with gratitude to all of you for your faithfulness to Maris Stella! Your support this summer has been overwhelming and the Sisters of Charity and we at Maris Stella are so very blessed by your generosity! It would be impossible to continue our mission without you. You and all of your loved ones will always be in our hearts and in our prayers. Please pray for us. Have a safe and healthy winter. God

Bless you!

Sr Mary and Sr Pat



Those who are particularly vulnerable to the virus should follow Mass at home until all restrictions are removed.  Dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday and Holy Day Masses are in effect until further notice.

  • Attendance will be limited – doors will be locked when we have reached our capacity
  • Masks are to be worn by everyone over the age of 2 when entering the chapel (we do not provide masks)
  • Social distancing is to be practiced: Sit 6 feet apart – pews are marked
  • Recommend that you bring hand sanitizer with you to use before receiving communion
  • Families may sit together
  • Restrooms should only be used in case of necessity: no children may go alone;-must be accompanied by an adult; please clean after use
  • No gatherings before/after Mass
  • Please do not rush to leave – leave space

During Mass:

  • There will be no singing or use of missalettes
  • No holy water
  • Kiss of peace – bow – no hand shaking
  • Remain in place for communion
  • Communion taken in the hand- if you wish to receive on the tongue you must wait until after Mass
  • Collection baskets will be by the doors and in the center aisle

 After Mass:

  • Leave distance between you & others – use both doors to exit
  • No gathering outside the chapel
  • Candles: Please maintain distance when lighting candles



Limited capacity of 80 people permitted.
Doors will be locked when capacity is reached
on a first come first served basis.

Weekend Mass Schedule:
Saturday, June27th - 5:00pm Vigil Mass
Sunday, June 28th – 9:00am Mass only

Weekend Mass Schedule - Saturday July 4th- Sunday September 6th:
Saturday: 5pm Vigil Mass
Sunday: 9:00am and 10:00am

Weekday Mass Schedule - Monday June29th – September 11th
Monday – Friday: 9:00am Mass
There will be no Saturday 9:00am Mass